ISBN 9781426313240,   Angry Birds Playground: Dinosaurs

Angry Birds Playground: Dinosaurs



National Geographic Society

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781426313240

ISBN-10 1426313241

Hard Back

Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

Animal Rights

It's an extraordinary day on Piggy Island because the Angry Birds haven't lost their eggs, they've found something amazing: a bone! Not a plain old bone—a huge and very old bone. What kind of giant creature could this bone have come from? That's a question for Mighty Eagle—the wisest bird they know. Join the Angry Birds on their imaginary trip through time to discover the most awesome animals ever to roam this planet: the dinosaurs! But why do the Angry Birds feel such a special bond with the ancient beasts? Maybe Mighty Eagle knows the answer!