ISBN 9789382961932, Objective Physics : For JEE Main 2014 with Boards Score Booster 11th Edition

Objective Physics : For JEE Main 2014 with Boards Score Booster 11th Edition


Disha Publication



Disha Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789382961932

ISBN-10 9382961933


Edition 11th
Number of Pages 1084 Pages
Language (English)


Er. Deepak Agarwal’s Objective Physics for JEE Main 2014 with Boards Score Booster, published by Disha Publications, is a comprehensive book for JEE exam aspirants. It conforms to the latest syllabus and examination pattern. Key concepts are explained in simple language with illustrations. Four levels of exercises, more than 1200 questions based on NCERT, over 1500 past competitive exam MCQs, and more than 4500 practice MCQs along with detailed solutions are included in this book. It is aligned as per the Syllabus of Class 11 and 12. The book discusses several topics in Physics extensively, along with the MCQs.
About Disha Publications
Disha Publications is one of the leading publishing houses of India. They have been publishing books and study materials for school students, medical entrance examinations, JEE, and other competitive exams conducted throughout the country.  They have also published books like 101 Speed Tests for IBPS-CWE Bank PO / MT Exam, Class 10 - Mental Ability for NTSE Stage I, New pattern Differential Calculus for JEE Main & JEE Advanced, Live Physics Vol. 1 for Boards, JEE Main & Advanced (Class 11) and DPP for AIIMS/NEET Biology with Solution Book.
Book 1 - Physics
1. Physical World
2. Units and Measurements
3. Motion in a Straight Line
4. Motion in a Plane
5. Laws of Motion
6. Work, Power & Energy
7. System of Particles & Rotational Motion
8. Gravitation
9. Mechanical Properties of Solids
10. Mechanical Properties of Fluids
11. Thermal Properties of Matter
12. Thermodynamics
13. Kinetic Theory
14. Oscillations
15. Waves
16. Electric Charges, Fields
17. Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
18. Current Electricity
19. Moving Charges and Magnetism
20. Magnetism and Matter
21. Electromagnetic Induction
22. Alternating Current
23. Electromagnetic Waves
24. Light – Reflection and Refraction
25. Wave Optics
26. Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
27. Atoms
28. Nuclei
29. Semiconductor Electronics
30. Communication Systems
31. Practical Physics