ISBN 9788126520770, Solutions to Irodov's Problems in General Physics (Volume - 2)

Solutions to Irodov's Problems in General Physics (Volume - 2)



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126520770

ISBN-10 8126520779


Number of Pages 440 Pages
Language (English)


 Solutions To Irodov’s Problems in General Physics (Volume - 2) is the second volume of a two book set that contains the solutions to all the problems posed by the Russian scientist Irodov.

Summary Of The Book

Physics is a branch of science that uses maths as its fundamental language, and from the atom to the universe, everything is explained using numbers.

In physics, formulae, derivations, and proofs of theorems use mathematics, and for this reason, problem solving is an essential ability that anyone preparing for a physics competition or an admission exam for a physics course should possess. Mathematical problem solving is an essential skill that those who are planning to pursue a career in engineering and astronomy should have too. Problems in General Physics (Volume - 2) helps students work towards honing this ability.

The Russian scientist Irodov came up with a set of problems in physics. These problems, divided into six separate topics, were designed to test and prepare students for competitions and exams. They range from simple problems that are easy to solve to complex ones that fully test the skills of the students.

This book is part of a two-volume set on Irodov's problems, and the content is divided into sections that directly correspond to the divisions made in the book by Irodov. The whole set contains a total of six divisions.

The first volume covers Physical Fundamentals of Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Molecular Physics, and Electrodynamics.

The second volume covers the other three sections - Oscillations and Waves, Optics, and Atomics and Thermodynamics. Each section has further smaller subsections that contain problems on related topics, and these correspond to the structure of the original book.

The book provides the solutions in detail, and the basic concepts under each topic are covered before the problems and solutions are given. For some problems, the book also contains different solutions, apart from the original ones. The book uses SI Units, and some of the solutions are accompanied by diagrams that further clarify the concepts.

About Abhay Kumar Singh

Abhay Kumar Singh is a professional coach for competitive exams.

Other books written by him are Problems In Physics and Solutions To Irodov's Problems (Volume I).

A teacher with several years of experience, Singh now runs his own coaching institute, Abhay’s IIT Physics Teaching Center at Patna.




Oscillations and Waves
· Mechanical Oscillations
· Electric Oscillations
· Elastic Waves. Acoustics
· Electromagnetic waves. Radiation
· Photometry and Geometrical Optics
· Interference of Light
· Diffraction of Light
· Polarization of Light
· Dispersion and Absorption of Light
· Optics of Moving Sources
· Thermal Radiation. Quantum Nature of Light
Atomic and Nuclear Physics
· Scattering of Particles. Rutherford-Bohr atom
· Waves Properties of Particles. Schrodinger Equation
· Properties of Atoms. Spectra
· Molecules and Crystals
· Radioactivity
· Nuclear Reactions
· Elementary Particles