ISBN 9780070707207,100 Managers In Action

100 Managers In Action



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780070707207

ISBN-10 0070707200


Number of Pages 599 Pages
Language (English)


100 Managers In Action explores the virtues of certain successful managers who had the capabilities to change their organization's fortune. Through this book, a reader will get to know what makes these managers stand apart from millions of others who have not been able to leave a mark. This book discusses those unfamiliar and unique facets that enabled the concerned 100 managers mentioned to leave an impact in their field. It explores those leadership qualities that made them provide outstanding performance and emerge as impact-making leaders and this is proven by their 360 Degree Feedback. This comprehensive book teaches all that one needs to know about successful leadership. It discusses relevant topics such as Team Work and Team Building, Technological Leadership and Systems Thinking, Vision and Values, Management of Colleagues, Management of Internal Customers, Culture Building, Liaison with Boss and Top Management, and External Customer Relations and Client Management. Moreover, it elucidates on Leadership Styles and provides Lessons from 100 Impact Making Managers. Strategy, Planning and Goal Setting are also discussed in this book along with techniques on how to create Inspiring, Developing and Empowering Staff. Some of the facets that give an edge to these 100 Managers are their insatiable creed for continuous learning, their efficient interpersonal skills and team work spirit, their domain knowledge and technical know-how, system thinking, and their effective action and result orientated approach for each project. 100 Managers in Action is designed to provide an insight into the values and vision of these successful managers and inform how they took the leap for a higher position. The reader will get to know how execution of ideas and delivery of results make all the difference. The book was first published in 2012 by Tata McGraw-Hill Education. About The Authors T. V. Rao is famously regarded as "The Father of HRD" in India. Rao has published numerous books including The Power Of 360 Degree Feedback: Maximizing Managerial And Leadership Effectiveness, HRD Audit, Measuring Organisational Climate, Readings in HRD, Developing Motivation Through Experiencing, Recent Experiences in HRD, Organisational Renewal In NGOs, and many more. Born in 1947, he did his education from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. He played a crucial role setting up the HRD Department for Larsen & Toubro. He has served as an HRD advisor to leading names such as State Bank of India, BEML, and Reserve Bank of India. In 1974, he along with Dr. Udai Pareek headed the new emerging Human Resource Development system. Besides being the Founder President of the Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Sciences and the National HRD Network, he is also the Chairman of a consulting firm TVRLS. Charu Sharma used to work at TVRLS as an Associate Consultant. TABLE OF CONTENTS 100 Managers as Leaders who Made an Impact on those Around them 1. Vision and Values 2. Strategy, Planning and Goal Setting 3. Technological Leadership and Systems Thinking 4. Inspiring, Developing and Empowering Staff 5. Culture Building 6. Team Work and Team Building 7. Management of Colleagues/Internal Customers 8. Liaison with Boss and Top Management 9. External Customer Relations and Client Management 10. Leadership Styles 11. Lessons from 100 Impact Making Managers