ISBN 9788129109972,100 Significant Pre-Independence Speeches

100 Significant Pre-Independence Speeches


H.D Sharma


Rupa Publications



Rupa Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788129109972

ISBN-10 8129109972


Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)

General & world history

The nine decades between 1858 and 1847 were an important time for India. The country was awakening to new realities, trying to shape her own destiny and was inching her way to freedom. In the process was produced a galaxy of statesmen, social reformers and freedom fighters who were not just exceptional people, but brilliant orator as well. Starting with Queen Victoria's 'Proclamation' and ending with Jawaharlal Nehru's famous 'Tryst with Destiny' speech, this book brings together some of the stirring, inspiring speeches that were delivered at the time. About Author : H.D. Sharma was educated in the universities of Punjab, Delhi and Michigan. He is aprofessional librarian and was awarded the Fulbright fellowship twice. He taught Library Science at the University of Rajasthan and then joined the Banaras Hindu University as Deputy Librarian cum Reader and later served as University Librarian there for many years. He also worked in the Brooklyn Public Library, New York and Michigan State University Library for some years. Contents : Preface Proclamation What England Could Do The Libert Bill and Freedom Movement The Birth of Indian National Congress The Congress and The Muslims Disarmed India One Country, Two Nations Fighting for Indian Cause An Indian in British Parliament Tonic for Hindu Mind A Message of Hope India Must be Bled Hindus and Muslims in India Why I Became a Hindu? Importance of the Fourth Estate Industrialising India Charter of Muslim Separatims Rewaring the Faithful Muslim League is Born Using Boycott as a Weapon The Swadeshi Movement British Rule is Disastrous Hopes Belied Making of the Steel Frame Shall Not Perish as a Nation The Rise and Decline of Nations Annulment of Bengal Partition Nationalism in India Freedom is My Brithright Civil Service Examinations Why Home Rule? The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre Skewed Hindu-Muslim Unity Transplanting Communism in India Towards Freedom Khilafat: Gandhi and Jinnah Befriending India Patriotism in Samskrit Literature In Noncooperation Lies Success Great Historical Trial Need for a Native System Bengal Leading the Freedom Movement Communal Representation and Communalism Why I Left The Swaraj Party Boycott Simon Commission Gandhi his Guru Nehru Report as India's Constitution Muslims and Nehru Report Assembly Bomb Case Sharing Aryan Ancestry Proclaiming Purna Swaraj Independence Pledge Dandi March 'Muslim India' Within India Pleading for the Depressed Classes Martyrdom of Bhagat Singh The Unkindest Cut of All Dominion Status: False Card in a Pack The Fickle Leader The Death of God The Communal Award Educating an Individual Politician as a Gentleman Annihilation of Caste What Path Salvation? Governors and The Legislature Politics of Grumbling Dominion Status Promised Seeking British War Aims Demand for a Muslim Nation The August Offer Jawaharlal Nehru on Trial Perils of Nonviolence I am Still Alive Cripps Proposals Looking to Japan for Emancipation Quit India Why I Left India Provisional Government Formed Hindu Nationalism Quitting India Communists are Anti-National Cabinet Mission Proposals Now Direct Action The Interim Government Guidelines for the Constitution An Imperialist's Swan Song India Free and Divided Accepts Moth-Eaten Pakistan Pleads for Pakistan India Integrated The Curtain Falls Working of the Constituent Assembly Our National Flag Advice to the Princes Constituion Making in Pakistan The Dawn of Freedom Britain Salutes Free India The Dreams of a Sage A Tryst with Destiny Bibliography