ISBN 9788184080599,1008 Names Of Siva

1008 Names Of Siva



Indiana Publishing House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788184080599

ISBN-10 818408059X

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Number of Pages 88 Pages
Language (English)

Indian Writing

1008 Names of Siva is an interesting compilation and demonstrates the prodigal strength of the names evolved to describe and depict the most exuberant and prominent god of the Hindu pantheon-Lord Siva. The names may be in Hindi or Sanskrit but their alphabetical portrayal and the proper easily understandable meaning of each one of them relates effectively to the reader and offers accumulated knowledge on the subject. Supposed to be Supreme in the world to whom none is superior, according to Hindu mythology, who is knowledge idiolized, destroyer of the enemy, a composite union of excelling virtues, a paramount proponent of Power, Siva is equally reclaimed for his various Mudras i.e. Bhairava, Natraja etc. Which find accurate depiction through pictures. Hence it is an educative and beneficial book for one and all as it highlights such relevant information about SIVA