ISBN 9780143418627,101 Myths & Realities @ the Office

101 Myths & Realities @ the Office


Utkarsh Rai


Pengiun Books



Pengiun Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780143418627

ISBN-10 0143418629


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)


Utkarsh Rai's 101 Myths And Realities @ The Office: How To Get The Best Out Of Yourself And Your Team is a self-help book on management and business ethics that debunks some common myths of the workplace. Summary Of The Book An organization's most valuable asset is its employee. And as an employee, you are inclined to want a productive career. However, in the current corporate culture, employee dissatisfaction at the workplace has become more and more evident over the years. While reasons for this dissatisfaction may be valid in some cases, most of the time, they are fueled by misconceptions. As the title suggests, in 101 Myths And Realities @ The Office: How To Get The Best Out Of Yourself And Your Team, Utkarsh Rai describes 101 common misconceptions at the workplace. The book details these myths and provides explanations of the actual situation that may not be otherwise clear to the employee. For example, it may be perceived that an employee is promoted over another (myth), while in reality, the promotion may be because of a clear evaluation of the risks and impact of the employee's leaving the company. There are many such myth/reality situations and dilemmas discussed in the book along with viable options for managing these situations, which prove to be quite enlightening. 101 Myths And Realities @ The Office: How To Get The Best Out Of Yourself And Your Team also provides some valuable advice on resolving career dilemmas with great perspective. The book is a great tool for both managers who would like to learn to work with their employees better, and for employees to be able to learn to identify these situations at the office and to then be able to deal with them productively and effectively. The book also tells readers that to get promoted, one has to learn the necessary skills required for that job, and not learn these skills after getting promoted. The book was published in 2012 and comes with a foreword by Nandan Nilekani. It makes for a good read and is sure to help individuals gain a healthy perspective on the realities of the office, and will serve as a good guide for employees at all levels, but more so if you are looking to move up into the ranks of management. About Utkarsh Rai Utkarsh Rai is an Indian author and entrepreneur. His other books are Offshoring Secrets and Life in a Cubicle. Utkarsh Rai graduated from BITS Pilani with a degree in Computer Science. He has worked with companies such as Siemens and Motorola. He joined an organization called Infinera, which has grown over the years. Utkarsh Rai has been awarded the Udyog Rattan Award. He enjoys travelling the world and his interests include learning about world cultures.