ISBN 9780230635487,101 Secrets of Effective Parenting

101 Secrets of Effective Parenting



Macmillan India Ltd

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780230635487

ISBN-10 0230635482


Number of Pages 238 Pages
Language (English)


Is Parenting Fun or Pain? Parenting is about bringing up a new generation, and the choice whether to make it a joyful process or a strenuous path lies with parents themselves. Why parenting today is the biggest challenge? Today's children are better informed because of exposure to various modes of communication and information like the Internet, chat, cell phone, SMS, play stations, high energy computer games etc. Parents today face major challenges since schools demand high levels of performance as well. Parenting is not just about bringing up your child, it is also about inspiring your child, making them passionate about life and learning, creating in them a winning mindset to make them super achievers in life. 101 Secrets of Effective Parenting is one of those books that will help parents to give the best to their child and also help strengthen the parent-child relationship. The book is a compilation of real-life strategies based on the author's first-hand experiences and learning. Structured in easy-to-read 101 chapters; each chapter provides parents one best secret that will have a huge impact on their as well as their children's life quality. Knock-out features of the book: ? Introduces practical simple- to-use methodologies of bringing out the best in children ? Suggests effective ways of making children self motivated, responsible, confident and boosting their self-esteem. ? Recommends ways to break away from some of the bad habits and inculcate useful habits in children ? Helps parents to become great role models for children ? Advocates importance of both study and life skills ? Promotes tested methods to improve the concentration of children ? Provides tips to help children open up more with parents