ISBN 9789383793259,1968 : EK PREM KAHANI AISI BHI



V P Gupta



YS Books International

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789383793259

ISBN-10 9383793252


Number of Pages 103 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Graphic novels

This novel is about the author’s love story which was very unique, full of excitement and gifted by god. It changed the direction of his life. In the novel, the author tells how with time, so many different things happened in his life. How an innocent girl fell in love with him and showed so much courage to face the world and the difficulties that came all along. He too, being an arrogant, careless, stern person and completely unfamiliar with the feeling of love, did everything for it, which was least expected from him. Set in the year 1968, this novel ‘Ek Prem Kahani Aisi Bhi’ has very exciting incidents of the author’s love story, something which we have only seen in movies. What makes it more interesting is that it all happened 50 yrs back, when all this was very un-common. So this novel takes you through the interesting twists and turns of the love story!
About the author -:
Dr V P Gupta has done his B.Sc from Agra University and MBBS from Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, Kanpur, 1966 Batch. In his 32 yrs of service in the field of medicine and healthcare, he has worked at various places and at different designations in all possible departments of healthcare services, to serve the humanity. He retired from the post of Joint Director (Uttar Pradesh Medical & Health Services) in the year 2005.
Till today, since last 8 years, he is working in a charitable trust.  Since the time of his studies as a medical student, he was interested in writing articles and short stories. This novel is his first publication.