ISBN 9781580620802,2002 Ways To Say

2002 Ways To Say "I Love You"



Viva Books Pvt Ltd.

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9781580620802

ISBN-10 1580620809


Number of Pages 126 Pages
Language (English)

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Say it today! From the creative to the subversive. 2002 Ways To Say "I Love You" is full of unique and inventive ideas for sending a special message, such as: Write a new stanza to a famous poem Label her videotapes Play hooky from work together Take a late evening dinner dance cruise Accompany him to the doctor when he is really sick Telephone when you are out with the guys Watch the sunrise arm in arm Frame pictures of special times shared Hide a love note in his pocket Help her color her hair Each of the 2002 books are filled with creative, zany, sometimes off-the-wall ideas for finding and wooing that special someone. These books make it fun-and easy-to be romantic.