ISBN 9780471292296,3-D Human Modeling and Animation

3-D Human Modeling and Animation


Peter Ratner


John Wiley & Sons



John Wiley & Sons

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780471292296

ISBN-10 047129229X


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)

Computer software

"3-D Human Modeling and Animation fills a tremendous void that has become even more evident with the successful use of 3-D in movies like Disney's Toy Story. While there has been much written about drawing the human form in relation to art, commercial design, and 2-D cartooning, the subject of 3-D modeling and animation of the human form has been neglected at the same time that the use of 3-D tools has been exploding. It is my judgment that [this] book will become the reference that professional and student artists and animators turn to in order to master one of the most challenging yet exciting subjects to model and animate-the human form." -Nick Pavlovic, CEO, Visual Information Development, Inc., Monrovia, CA

Ideal for graphic designers, artists, and others, 3-D Human Modeling and Animation builds a bridge from traditional figure drawing, painting, and sculpture to the creation and animation of figures using computer technology.

With a step-by-step approach, the book leads readers through the process of modeling human figures, with specific yet flexible techniques that can be applied to many different hardware/software setups. Separate chapters cover different areas of the body, and contain everything readers need to know about proportion, basic design strategies, 3-D construction methods, and other essential information. The final chapters show how to prepare figures for animation and get them up and running-and jumping, walking, turning, and twisting!

Complete with illustrations, helpful exercises, and more, 3-D Human Modeling and Animation opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities to explore.