ISBN 9780070702653,3000 Solved Problems In Physics

3000 Solved Problems In Physics



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070702653

ISBN-10 0070702659


Number of Pages 923 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

Problem solving is an indispensable aspect of the fundamental science of Physics. As suggestive of the title, this Schaum's supplement caters to the same and has served as a very useful aid for clearing concepts. This adaptation updates the contents and includes all missing chapters/topics. Salient Features Dedicated Introductory Chapters On Fundamentals Like `Mathematical Introduction And `Measurement & Units. Problems Introduced In A Graded Manner 100+ New Select Objective Type Questions organized Chapter Wise Patterned As Per Previous Year Examinations Like AIPMT, AIEEE Included New Ready Reckoner Tool Listing Of Dimensional Formula TABLE OF CONTENTS Prologue Measurement and Units Chapter 1. Mathematical Introduction Chapter 2. Equilibrium of Concurrent Forces Chapter 3. Kinematics in One Dimension Chapter 4. Newton's Law of Motion Chapter 5. Motion in a Plane I Chapter 6. Motion in a Plane II Chapter 7. Work and Energy Chapter 8. Power and Simple Machines Chapter 9. Impulse and Momentum Chapter 10. Statics of Rigid Bodies Chapter 11. Rotational Motion I: Kinematics and Dynamics Chapter 12. Rotational Motion II: Kinetic Energy, Angular Impulse, Angular Momentum Chapter 13. Matter in Bulk Chapter 14. Simple Harmonic Motion Chapter 15. Hydrostatics Chapter 16. Hydrodynamics Chapter 17. Temperature and Thermal Expansion Chapter 18. Heat and Calorimetry Chapter 19. Heat Transfer Chapter 20. Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory Chapter 21. The First Law of Thermodynamics Chapter 22. The Second Law of Thermodynamics Chapter 23. Wave Motion Chapter 24. Sound Chapter 25. Coulomb's Law and Electric Fields Chapter 26. Electrical Potential and Capacitance Chapter 27. Simple Electric Circuits Chapter 28. The Magnetic Field Chapter 29. Magnetic Properties of Matter Chapter 30. Induced EMF: Generators and Motors Chapter 31. Inductance Chapter 32. Electric Circuits Chapter 33. Electromagnetic Waves Chapter 34. Light and Optical Phenomena Chapter 35. Mirrors, Lenses and Optical Instruments Chapter 36. Interference, Diffraction and Polarization Chapter 37. Special Relativity Chapter 38. Particles of Light and Waves of Matter Chapter 39. Modern Physics: Atoms, Nuclei, Solid-State Electronics Chapter 40 Communication System