ISBN 9780715316313,35 Mm Photography The Complete Guide

35 Mm Photography The Complete Guide


David & Charles



David & Charles

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780715316313

ISBN-10 0715316311


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Photography & photographs

A complete guide to the 35mm camera and its uses, from choosing the right equipment through to developing, printing, storing and even selling your photographs, by established author and expert, Steve Bavister. The 35mm camera revolutionised the photographic world when it was first introduced in the 1930s. Since then nothing has superceded it as the most convenient and versatile choice for the vast majority of photographers, from amateur snappers to serious professionals. Steve Bavister's comprehensive new guide explains everything you will need to know about the 35mm camera, from the basics of how it works and its operation, to practical advice on how to achieve the best results in any given situation. There is even information on how to present and sell your photographs when you have taken them.