ISBN 9788126919789,360 Degree Virtual World : A 360 Degree Life of a Human in a Virtual World

360 Degree Virtual World : A 360 Degree Life of a Human in a Virtual World






Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788126919789

ISBN-10 8126919787

Hard Back

Number of Pages 336 Pages
Language (English)

Human geography / peoples of the world

The Americans and the British have established virtual systems successfully across the world. They are building their wealth on others' poverty. In order to prove this, several different prevailing understandings need to be proved wrong. The book attempts to make the reader understand the black holes, not the black holes of universe, but of this human world. It tries to show an understanding of this world from a different perspective which is the lateral stage of understanding. Understanding is the lateral stage of interpretation. Interpretation is the lateral stage of earlier knowledge base. The final result inside the humans, which is perspective, would have different hues before it becomes a conclusion that results as deliverable action from a human being, based on his or her needs. In today's complex world, which is sliced and diced into several sections under the name of subjects and specializations, putting together such subjects and specializations to give a meaning is a challenging task. The book attempts to do this and exposes virtual concepts. The author feels that destructive weapon made by metals or chemicals or any other such material or instruments is not required to destroy any nation or society and turn it to ashes. Just a small concept is enough to do the job that is as large as, or even bigger than an asteroid hitting the earth. By concepts, thought patterns can be corrupted to the extent that it does the maximum damage without being noticeable or traceable. The information provided in this book is self-contained. There will be questions in the book for the reader to think on the subject and the pertinent issues, and find answers. It will add triggers to their thoughts and change their thinking pattern.