ISBN 9788187107552,365 Fairy Tales HB

365 Fairy Tales HB



Om Books International-New Delhi

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788187107552

ISBN-10 8187107553


Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)


365 Fairy Tales is a an entertaining children book, filled with fairy tales and non-human characters. This book features short stories that have characters that are goblins, fairies, elves, dwarves, trolls, gnomes and giants. These characters are all magical in an enchanted land. The book distributes the characters equally. This book is not based on legends and folk narratives. They take place in fictional times instead of actual times. This book demands children to believe in the stories and imagine the events that take place. These tales are only moral tales, which also include beast fables. This book has stories that have fairy tale endings with fairy tale romances. Although, not all fairy tale stories in this book end well. In history, the terms "fairy story" or "fairy tale" can also imply that the stories are far-fetched and simply too imaginative to be true. We live in a culture where witches and demons are seen as real while fairy tale stories are merged into legends. Stories are narrated to an audience and sometimes by the audience, as the truth. People perceive them to be historically true. Conversely unlike epics and legends, the tales usually do not hold more than superficial suggestions to actual places, religion, people and events. 365 Fairy Tales was published by Om Books in 2007. This book is available in hardcover. Key Features: 365 Fairy Tales has a story for each day of the year. Children aged 8-10 can read this book. Parents can also read this book to children of any age.