ISBN 9789351064169,365 Skinny Smoothies

365 Skinny Smoothies



Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351064169

ISBN-10 9351064166


Number of Pages 352 Pages
Language (English)


A SMOOTHIE A DAY KEEPS THE FAT AWAY SO GO ON BLEND YOUR WAY TO SKINNY Forget those 700-calorie "healthy" smoothies you've been drinking. Daniella Chace, nutritionist and bestselling author of Smoothies for Life!, has whipped up 365 recipes that will kick-start your weight loss with daily doses of delicious, medicinally potent superfood smoothies. Organized by season and month, each of these 365 smoothie recipes is a satisfying blend of whole foods that are rich in nutrients that help you shed body fat. Powerhouse ingredients--such as pomegranate juice, chia seeds, green tea and cocoa powder--will boost your metabolism, increase fat-fi ghting enzymes and even curb your appetite. And with names like Tulsi Avocado Cream, Green Lushy, Svelte Synergy and The Violet TuTu, you'll be sipping your way to increased muscle and reduced fat while your taste buds--and waistline--rejoice. DANIELLA CHACE, MSc, CN, is the author of twenty books, including the bestselling Smoothies for Life! She is a leading nutritionist in the fi elds of medical nutrition therapy, nutritional toxicology and nutritional epigenetics. She is the creator of the iEat for Life iPhone app series and NutriSigns and a member of the Society of Nutrition Education. Visit her at