ISBN 9788183223171,45 Second Mein Presentation Kaise Dein (Hindi)

45 Second Mein Presentation Kaise Dein (Hindi)


Don Failla



Manjul Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788183223171

ISBN-10 8183223176


Number of Pages 164 Pages
Language (Hindi)

Business & management

What started off as a simple tool to help build their personal network in 1981, has turned into a networking best-seller. The 30th Anniversary edition of Don Failla's book contains two new chapters to help you reach far beyond ordinary growth, to extraordinary results.

What are You Looking Forward To


Another day of waking up to the alarm clock?

Another day of your children at day care?

Another day of going to work for someone else?

Another day not spent with your family?

Another year without a holiday?

Another day spent in fear of your future?

What can You Look Forward To?


Waking up with a new outlook on life!

Being there to see your children grow up!

Standing tall and going to work for yourself!

Having time to spend with your family!

The time and money to take holidays!

Making real plans for the future!

About the Author
Don has authored and sold over 6 million copies in 20 languages of his book, The 45 Second Presentation that Will Change Your Life. He has also produced numerous CDs and seminars teaching others how to own their own lives. Nancy is C.E.O. of Fun and works as a network marketing trainer and a motivational speaker. Together Don and Nancy have created a complete line of network training tools, not to mention they have built their own personal down line from 4 distributors to over 800,000 in less than 16 years. Currently over 3,000 new distributors are added to their organization monthly, their system works.