ISBN 9780891061977,5-D Leadership: Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World

5-D Leadership: Key Dimensions for Leading in the Real World



Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780891061977

ISBN-10 0891061975


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

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Corporate America spends more than $10 billion a year on leadership training, and executive offices are jam-packed with books on the topic. So why aren't leaders leading effectively?
There remains an ever-widening chasm between the flexible leadership organizations require and the one-dimensional skills leaders too often bring to today's complex business challenges. 5-D LEADERSHIP closes the gap by exposing the realities of what it takes to be a successful leader: a continual shifting between various leadership approaches, to respond to whatever each unique situation demands.

Bringing together real-world examples--from Harley-Davidson to Nestle, Rudy Giuliani to Shackleton's Antarctic expedition--Campbell and Samiec explore the five key leadership dimensions employed by the most successful leaders today: commanding, visioning, enrolling, relating, and coaching. With profiles of seven common business challenges--rapid growth to sudden crises--they detail when and how to use each dimension and the concrete actions required to achieve specific strategic objectives.

5-D LEADERSHIP offers a wealth of self-assessment and planning tools to help current and aspiring leaders discover their dominant leadership dimension, identify and leverage their strengths, and apply their skills and talents to lead effectively in whatever situation they face.

From the Inside Flap
Heroic leadership can be critical in times of crisis. And stories of the exploits of commanding leaders make for compelling and sometimes even inspiring reading. But in organizations where day-to-day leadership is what separates the truly great from the merely good, one style is not enough to master complex business challenges.
5-D LEADERSHIP dispels the myth that there is only one way to be an effective leader as it reveals the real mystery behind ongoing leadership effectiveness: the ability to draw from a variety of leadership approaches, to respond to whatever each unique situation demands. Bringing together real-world examples--from Harley-Davidson to Nestle, New York mayor Rudy Giuliani to Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton--authors Campbell and Samiec explore the five key Leadership Dimensions employed by today's most sucessful leaders: Commanding, Visioning, Enrolling, Relating, and Coaching. Profiling seven prevalent business challenges--including rapid growth, sudden crises, recent mergers, and civil war--they reveal when and how to use each of the five Leadership Dimensions.

Following the authors' dynamic and hands-on five-step process sets a solid foundation for developing your true power as a leader. With plenty of planning and assessment tools, including a powerful process for using 360-degree feedback, 5-D LEADERSHIP builds on the natural skills you already possess and helps you discover and strengthen your innate abilities to achieve results in the varied situations you face.

From the Back Cover
Facing a crisis? Experiencing rapid growth? Needing more leaders? 5-D LEADERSHIP debunks the myth that there is only one right way to lead. With its positive and dynamic approach that delivers results quickly and effectively, it zeros in to help you learn to leverage the strengths you already possess--rather than focus on overcoming weaknesses.

"Challenges leaders to think about the needs of their organization and how to meet them with a well-thought-out strategy of flexible leadership styles appropriate to their situation." Ralph Hyatt, Vice President & General Manager, Toshiba of Canada Information Systems Group

"Offers suggestions you can apply at work tomorrow." Marshall Goldsmith, coeditor or author of eighteen books; named by AMA as one of fifty great thinkers to influence the field of management in the past eighty years

"A business resource that will help any leader set direction, provide encouragement, and contribute to the organization's development and superior results." Doug Starr, Sr. Vice President & General Manager, Bio-Lab Canada, Inc.

"Gives leaders a practical road map to strengthen and leverage their own leadership capabilities." Michael J. Sabia, President & CEO, Bell Canada Enterprises

About the Author
Campbell and Samiec are co-founders of 5-D Leadership, a training, coaching and consulting consortium.