ISBN 9780749447779,5 Paths To Persuasion

5 Paths To Persuasion


Miller R B


Viva Books Pvt Ltd



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780749447779

ISBN-10 074944777X


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


In business, even the best proposals can face overwhelming resistances and rejection. Good ideas do not always sell themselves, and to succeed in today's world of tough decision-makers, how you say something can actually be more important than what you say. So how can you make sure your message is getting its best shot? In a two-year survey, customer research experts Robert B Miller and Gary A Williams studied the behaviour of 1,700 executives and discovered that they tend to make important decisions in one of five ways. Now Miller and Williams reveal the five different types of decision-maker and how best to sell your ideas to each one. Discover • Charismatics like Jack Welch and Oprah Winfrey, who are easily enthralled with new ideas but rely on others to investigate the details; • Thinkers like Bill Gates and Alan Greenspan, who methodically work through each pro and con of every option themselves; • Sceptics like Larry Ellison and Ted Turner, who are highly suspicious of every piece of information and will rarely trust anything that doesn't fit in with their worldview; • Followers like Carly Fiorina and Peter Coors, who make decisions based mainly on how other trusted people have made similar choices in the past; • Controllers like Martha Stewart and Ross Perot, who must be in charge of every aspect of the decision­making process andneed to believe an idea is theirs before proceeding with it. About Author: S Robert B Miller and Gray A Williams are co-founders of Miller-Williams Inc., which has developed patented research methods that provide accurate measurements of how customers think and behave. Their clients include blue­chip companies such as ARAMARK, Coors, General Motors, Rockwell Automation, Sabre and Sikorsky Aircraft. Miller is one of the original co-founders of Miller-Heiman and also co-author of the best-selling New Strategic Selling. Alden M Hayashi is a senior editor at MIT Sloan Management Review and a former editor with Harvard Business Review.

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