ISBN 9781405175289,50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade

50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade


Pluto Press



Pluto Press

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781405175289

ISBN-10 1405175281


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Fair trade is a growing global movement. A huge and widening range of fair trade goods are now available in the shops. Why is fair trade so important? This book provides 50 reasons why buying fair trade delivers a host of benefits to people and the planet. It's an inspiring account of how every consumer can play a part in improving and even saving lives and making global trade work better for poor people. Did you know that buying fair trade: -- Helps eradicate sweatshops -- Helps end child labour -- Reduces the debt burden on developing countries' farmers -- Ensures small-scale farmers can earn a living wage -- Supports and protects the environment? This book provides a critical guide to international trade and shows that fair trade presents a realistic and positive alternative for farmers and producers in developing countries. By improving schools, healthcare and working conditions, the fair trade movement has already saved lives and empowered whole communities. This book shows how every consumer can help make a difference in the fight to end poverty and inequality.