ISBN 9788187671480,7 Best Things [happy] Couples Do

7 Best Things [happy] Couples Do



Westland Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788187671480

ISBN-10 8187671483


Language (English)

Literature: special interest

?It is through connecting one heart to another around seemingly small things, that love grows.? Thus begins the remarkable new book for couples by the New York Times bestselling authors and practicing psychologists, John C. Friel and Linda D. Friel. In their eighth and most powerful book, the Friel brings to you the seven (plus one) most compelling factors that make up a truly great relationships, and threads of enchantment that they have encountered in their own and their clients? relationships over the years, they explain complex science and paint wondrous pictures that, taken together will lead you into the depth, excitement and magic that we all seek in our romantic relationships. This book takes you on a journey much like the journey of growing up, in which you are asked to look at your life and yourself from an ever so slightly different angle?? that subtle six- or seven-degree change??that marks the distance between unhappy and happy, unsuccessful and successful, mediocre and truly great. In order to have a truly great relationship, you need to? Be old enough to date Be sexual Be willing to Divorce Know How You Chose Each Other Let Yourself Be Astonished Manage Your Fear, Hurt, Shame and Loneliness Own Your Part /li> Plus ? Let Disappointment Enrich You Imagine what these things actually mean. Then, let yourself be delighted. That is why this book was written ? to challenges, stimulate, intrigue, delight and enlighten you. This smart book is so much more than the typical couples book.