ISBN 9780071077675,8086 Microprocessors And Its Applications

8086 Microprocessors And Its Applications



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071077675

ISBN-10 0071077677


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 500 Pages
Language (English)

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As suggestive of the name 8086 Microprocessor and its Applications elucidates the system design applications and interfacing based on 8086 Microprocessor. In view of complex nature of topics, the author has designed the book as a self study material for the students in his signature style. The chapters aptly discuss the concepts using ample examples and programs following a step-wise approach which makes the book a treat for the readers. Salient Features Extensive coverage to Instruction sets, Memory & Peripheral Interfacing of 8086 Microprocessor Discusses programming concepts for 8086 using assembly language Pedagogy Block diagrams, illustrations, solved examples and programs interspersed in chapters Programming examples use simple step-wise methodology as Problem analysis --> Flowchart -->Algorithm-->Code-->Sample Data Chapter end short questions with answers TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Intel 8086 Pins, Signals and Architecture 3. Instruction Set of 8086 4. Memory and IO Interfacing 5. Interrupts 6. Assembly Language Programming 7. Peripheral Devices and Interfacing 8. Intel 80x86 Family of Processors 9. 8086 Microprocessor-based System Appendix I Templates for 8086 Instructions Appendix II Dos and Bios Interrupts Appendix III List of Microcprocessors Released by Intel