ISBN 9788181282156,A Beginners Guide To Discrete Mathematics

A Beginners Guide To Discrete Mathematics


W D Wallis


Springer India



Springer India

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788181282156

ISBN-10 8181282159

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Number of Pages 384 Pages
Language (English)

Discrete mathematics

DESCRIPTION This introduction to discrete mathematics is aimed primarily at undergraduates in mathematics and computer science at the freshmen and sophomore levels. The text has a distinctly applied orientation and begins with a survey of number systems and elementary set theory. Included are discussions of scientific notation and the representation of numbers in computers. Lists are presented as an example of data structures. An introduction to counting includes the Binomial Theorem and mathematical induction, which serves as a starting point for a brief study of recursion. The basics of probability theory are then covered. Graph study is discussed, including Euler and Hamilton cycles and trees. This is a vehicle for some easy proofs, as well as serving as another example of a data structure. Matrices and vectors are then defined. The book concludes with an introduction to cryptography, including the RSA cryptosystem, together with the necessary elementary number theory, e.g., Euclidean algorithm, Fermat's Little Theorem. Good examples occur throughout. At the end of every section there are two problem sets of equal difficulty. However, solutions are only given to the first set. References and index conclude the work. A math course at the college level is required to handle this text. College algebra would be the most helpful. CONTENTS Preface Properties of Numbers Sets and Data Structures Boolean Algebras and Circuits Relations and Functions The Theory of Counting Probability Graph Theory Matrices Number Theory and Cryptography Bibliography Answers to Odd Number Exercises Index.