ISBN 9780070994553,A Brief Introduction To Psychology

A Brief Introduction To Psychology



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780070994553

ISBN-10 0070994552


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)


This book, as its title indicates, is a short text for the first course in psychology.A short textbook can serve two purposes. It can provide all or most of the printed material for a course that is truly intended to be a survey and not go into the details covered in longer psychology texts. A short textbook can also be used to make room in a more intensive course for other study materials, such as a book of readings, which can give students a perspective that even the lengthiest textbook cannot provide. Key Features: The aim is to present anaccurate picture of what psycholigies Know, as distinguished from what they think or how they work. Cover information that students can apply to their feilds of interest and in their own lives. A glossary has been included as a study aid, and learning objectives have been provided at the begnning of each chapter. About the Author: Clifford Morgan Late Professor of Psychology, University of Texas, Austin Table of Content: Chapter 1 The Art and Science of Psychology Chapter 2 Evolution, Genetics and Behavior Chapter 3 The Development of Behavior Chapter 4 The Principles of Learning Chapter 5 Human Learning and Memory Chapter 6 Thinking and Problem Solving Chapter 7 Language and Communication Chapter 8 Drives and Motivation Chapter 9 Arousal, Emotion and Awareness Chapter 10 The Senses Chapter 11 Perception Chapter 12 Psychological Testing Chapter 13 Personality Chapter 14 Behavior Disorders and their Treatment Chapter 15 Attitudes and Prejudice Chapter 16 Social Influences on