ISBN 9780070704510,A Casebook On Corporate Governance And Stewardship

A Casebook On Corporate Governance And Stewardship



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780070704510

ISBN-10 0070704511


Number of Pages 332 Pages
Language (English)


TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Hunting with the Hounds and Running with the Hares: Board Level Conflicts of Interest in Larsen & Toubro 2. To Buy or Not To Buy--The Board Dilemma: The Golden Tea & Beverages Company Limited 3. Dow Chemical Company and the Bhopal Legacy: Corporate Governance and Toxic Acquisitions 4. All That Glitters ...: Board Governance and Sustained Subterfuge at Satyam 5. Orion Logistics Corporation: Director Dominance versus Independence in Boards 6. Saying What You Mean: The Board Communication Puzzle at Hind Industries Limited 7. TVS-Suzuki-Governance Issues in Corporate Partnerships and Separations 8. Has a Daniel Come to Judgment?: Corporate Governance Issues in Union Carbide's Bhopal Gas Disaster 9. Digital Global Soft Limited: Governing for Shareholder Value Growth in Changing Times 10. Universal Engineering Corporation Limited: Internal Control or Complementary Connivance? 11. The Lehman Tragedy 12. Sunrise Corporation and Precision Parts: Board Role in Addressing Arterial Blockages in Operational Financial Flows 13. Getwell India Limited: The Difficult Choice between Profits and Ethics 14. Corporate Reputation-Arresting the Slide Down the Slippery Slope: The Case of BHP Billiton, the Big Australian