ISBN 9789350144152,A Course in Electrical Technology

A Course in Electrical Technology


J.B Gupta



S K Kataria And Sons

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350144152

ISBN-10 9350144158


Number of Pages 2500 Pages
Language (English)

Electrical engineering

Table of Contents:

VOLUME I: Basic Electrical Engineering

Current Electricity-Basic Concepts
DC Circuits
Units, Work, Power and Energy
DC Network Analysis
Electro-Chemical Energy Sources and Electrolysis
Static Electric Field
Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Magnetic Circuits and Induction
Magnetic Hysteresis and Eddy Currents
Electrical Installation and Wiring
Fundamentals of Alternating Currents
Single Phase Series Circuits
Complex Notations and Circuit Analysis
Single Phase Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits
Resonance in R-L-C Circuits
Locus Diagrams
Applications of Network Theorems to AC Circuits
Polyphase Systems
Harmonics Analysis
Symmetrical Components
Electrical Wave Filters
Laplace and Fourier Transforms
Measurements, Instruments and Accessories
Galvanometers, Ammeters and Voltmeters
Extension of Instruments Range
Wattmeters and Energy Meters
Miscellaneous Indicating Instruments
Measurement of Resistance
Localization of Cable Faults
AC Bridges
Objective Type Questions
VOLUME II: Electrical Machines

Principles of Electromechanical Energy Conversion
Basic Concepts of Rotating Electrical Machines
Construction of DC Machines
Armature Reaction and Commutation in DC Machines
Operating Characteristics and Applications of DC Generators
Parallel Operation of DC Generators
Operating Characteristics and Applications of DC Motors
Speed Control, Starting and Braking of DC Motors
Losses, Testing and Efficiency of DC Machines
Synchronous Generators or Alternators
Synchronous Motors
Parallel Operation of Alternators
Construction, Theory and Operation of Three Phase Induction Motors
Starting, Speed Control and Braking of Three Phase Induction Motors
Special Induction and Polyphase Commutator Machines
Single Phase Motors
Special Electrical Machines
Electronic Control of Electric Motors
Objective Type Questions
VOLUME III: Electronic Devices and Circuits

Introductory Concepts
Electron Dynamics
Electron Emission
Semiconductor Physics
Junction Diodes
Zeners and other Two-Terminal Devices
Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs)
Field Effect Transistors
Hybrid Parameters
Transistor Biasing and Stabilization
Single Stage Transistor Amplifiers
Amplifier Frequency Response
High-Frequency Transistor
Multistage Amplifiers
Large Signal or Power Amplifiers
Feedback in Amplifiers
Tuned Amplifiers
Differential Amplifiers
Sinusoidal Oscillators
Modulation and Demodulation
Optoelectronic Devices
Power Semiconductor Devices
Wave Shaping Circuits
Switching Circuits (Multivibrators)
Integrated Circuits
Operational Amplifiers
Waveform Generators and Nonlinear Circuits
The 555 IC Timer
Active Filters
Phase-Locked Loops (PLL)
Regulated and Switching Power Supplies
Number Systems and Codes
Logic Gates and Boolean Algebra
Logic Circuits
Digital Logic Families
Digital-To-Analog and Analog-To-Digital Converters
Microcomputers and Microprocessors
Electronic (Analog as Well as Digital) Instruments
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
Objective Type Questions
VOLUME IV: Electrical Power

Electrical Power Plants
Power Substations and Major Electrical Equipment in Power Stations
Electrical Supply Systems
Mechanical Design of Overhead Lines
Performance of Transmission Lines
Underground Cables
Distribution of Electrical Power
Economic Considerations
Industrial Utilization
Electric Heating and Welding
Illumination Engineering
Electric Traction
Objective Type Questions