ISBN 9788183330862,A Course in Electromagnetic Field

A Course in Electromagnetic Field


S.W. Anwane


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788183330862

ISBN-10 818333086X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 120 Pages
Language (English)

A Course in Electromagnetic Fields presents material that can be the first course at graduate level for students in the faculty of Engineering and Science.andThe course of the book begins with a little review on Vectors and extension of ideas to new coordinate systems-Cylindrical and Spherical .This formulates a language and process tool for the subject leading to interesting interpretations. The subject spans nine chapters starting from basic Coulomb’s law in vector form up to the propagation of electromagnetic wave in Wave Guides. A large number of solved examples of different types have been included. The script is self-explanatory and presumes little mathematical background.andTable of ContentsChapters1.andandandandandandVector Analysis2.andandandandandandThe Electric Field3.andandandandandandDensity of Displacement Flux4.andandandandandandEnergy and Potential5.andandandandandandPoisson’s and Laplace’s Equation6.andandandandandandThe Magnetic Field7.andandandandandandMaxwell’s Equations and Time Varying Fields8.andandandandandandThe Uniform Plan Wave9.andandandandandandThe Wave GuidesandAppendicesandand