ISBN 9789332541559,A Crash Course in Physics for the JEE Mains 2015

A Crash Course in Physics for the JEE Mains 2015


R R Dudeja


Pearson India



Pearson India

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789332541559

ISBN-10 9332541558

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Number of Pages 472 Pages
Language (English)

Applied physics

A Crash Course in Physics for the JEE MAINS 2015 focuses on the latest format, structure and syllabus of the Joint Entrance Examination (MAINS). The whole syllabus is divided into simple modules that can be easily grasped. The book includes a comprehensive weekly test to analyze the understanding and accuracy of students. In addition, cumulative tests, which need to be taken at the end of every week, will improve the problem-solving skills of students and will also build their confidence.

Book Features:

Strategic planning of the entire syllabus
Based on an in-depth analysis of the recent trends of the JEE MAINS
Explanation of concepts and their application at the beginning of each chapter
Inclusion of Question Paper JEE MAINS 2013 and 2014
Book Features:

Day 1: Physics and Measurement
Day 2: Kinematics
Day 3: Laws of Motion
Day 4: Work, Energy and Power
Day 5: Rotational Motion and Gravitation
Day 6: Properties of Solids and Liquids
Day 7: Weekly Test 1
Day 8: Thermodynamics
Day 9: Kinetic Theory of Gases
Day 10: Oscillations and Waves
Day 11: Optics-I
Day 12: Optics-II
Day 13: Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Day 14: Weekly Test
Cumulative Test 1

Day 15: Electrostatics-I
Day 16: Electrostatics-II
Day 17: Current Electricity
Day 18: Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Day 19: Electromagnetic Induction and AC
Day 20: Electromagnetic Waves
Day 21: Weekly Test 3
Cumulative Test 2

Day 22: Atoms and Nuclei
Day 23: Electronic Devices
Day 24: Communication Systems
Day 25: Weekly Test 4
Cumulative Test 3

Practice Tests

Question Paper JEE MAINS 2013

Question Paper JEE Mains 2014