ISBN 9788190829700,A Dewdrop in the Ocean

A Dewdrop in the Ocean



Zen Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788190829700

ISBN-10 819082970X


Number of Pages 316 Pages
Language (English)


Whether your life is running smoothly or you are in the midst of major changes - this book is for you.

The deep understanding of human nature, the warmth and compassion of the author, Francis J. Padinjarekara, shine out from every page and every story he tells.

These stories are challenging. captivating, humorous and transforming. They show a path towards personal growth and self-realisation without judgments or do's and don'ts.

Those who are familiar with the stories and writings of ANTHONY DE MELLO, will recognize in these pages, a depth of wisdom and a lightness that make this book a continuation of his inspirational teachings. This could be a thoughtful gift for friends and a valuable bedside companion.

One of the visitors asked: "How is it, that in the same circumstances of life, some people live a constricted existence limited mostly to their work and family, while others enjoy far richer lives?"

"Birds soar high and far in freedom as their wings make it possible," the sage replied/ "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's awareness."