ISBN 9788120327764,A First Course In Electronics

A First Course In Electronics


K Dey Kanchan



PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788120327764

ISBN-10 8120327764


Number of Pages 828 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the fundamental principles of modern electronic devices and circuits. It is suitable for adoption as the textbook for the first course in electronics found in most curricula for undergraduate physics and electronic science students. It also covers several topics of electronics being taught at the postgraduate first-year level in physics. Besides, the students pursuing degree or diploma courses in electrical, electronics and computer engineering will find this textbook useful and self-contained. The text provides a thorough and rigorous explanation of characteristics and parameters of the most important semiconductor devices in general use today. It explains the underlying principles of how different circuits work-providing valuable insights into analysis of circuits so essential for solving design problems. Coverage includes all the basic aspects of analog and digital electronics plus several important topics such as current mirrors and their applications, amplifiers with active load, composite devices and their equivalent models and applications, op-amp mathematical and circuit modelling, and logic circuits analysis. Key Features : Emphasizes underlying physics and operational characteristics of semiconductor devices Numerous solved examples and review questions help the students develop an intuitive grasp of the theory. Sufficient number of conventional and short-answer type model questions included in each chapter acquaint the students with the type of questions generally asked in examinations.