ISBN 9788184121728,A First Course In Number Theory

A First Course In Number Theory



Asian Books Private Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788184121728

ISBN-10 8184121725


Number of Pages 370 Pages
Language (English)

Number theory

A comprehensive text on number theory--the purest branch of pure mathematics exposing its basic theory and systematic modus operandi to achieve the need of a textbook for undergraduate students as well as some parts in post graduate level in the Indian universities.

The book features a discussion on number system emphasizing the fundamental hypotheses (axioms). Together, the passage of formation of integers from natural numbers with their possible geometrical link is also brought into the forefront.

Exhaustive examples fortifying the discussion and sufficient practice problems endow the book its complete embodiment. It also encompasses a number of solved problems related to mathematical. Olympiads for seasoned amateur students of mathematics.

Some important features of the second edition may be cited as--Primality testing and Fibonacci numbers, Pollard's Rho-factoring method, p-1 method, Importance of Fermat's little theorem, new arithmetic function with sufficient examples, more on Fibonacci numbers, combinatorial proofs of Fibonaci Identities, Fibonacci Primes.

An end-to-end Index has also been incorporated for easy reference across various topics. Entitles Partition Functions of Various Types, Generating Functions, Graphs and Identities, The chapter contains the following literature viz. Additive and Multiplicative Number Theory, Partition, Generating Functions (G.F.), Partition Generating Function, Revisit of G.F., Recurrence Relations, Graphical Representation, Ferrar's Diagram, Young's Diagram and relevant exercise.