ISBN 9788129118790,A Godly Blunder

A Godly Blunder


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788129118790

ISBN-10 8129118793


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)


A German man learns the meaning of terms such as 'load- shedding', 'goes' and 'kharra' the hard way. Oliver, a quality control manager in a premium car company in Germany, is killed in an accident and reaches heaven, where he enjoys a lavish lifestyle until God decides to send him on a short 'assignment' due to a technical snag in the Soul Management System (SMS) of Swarga. Waking up in the body of an Indian middle-class man, Siddhesh, Oliver embarks upon a rollercoaster journey, baffled by India's corruption and dishonesty as much as he is warmed by its affection. To add to his woes, his two maverick escorts from Swarga keep disappearing without warning. What is the purpose of this unusual assignment? How will it end? A Godly Blunder is a hilarious ride between heaven and earth, exploring what happens when God himself assures you that you don't need him. About the Author Parimal Kalikar graduated in hotel management and earned his first buck as a bell-boy at a five-star resort in Goa. After a master's degree in human resource management, he worked as a credit card salesman in a multinational company. He quit his job in 2009 in order to pursue his dream of being a writer and business-owner.

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