ISBN 9780748636525,A Guide To Speech Production And Perception

A Guide To Speech Production And Perception



Edinburgh University Press

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780748636525

ISBN-10 0748636528


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Mark Tatham and Katherine Morton situate speech production and perception within a total system view of the communication processes in which speaker and listener are essential and complementary contributors. Their approach is the result of an increasing awareness of the need to understand processes of speech production and the perception of spoken language, with the ultimate goal being to advance an integrated model of spoken language production and perception. This book guides students through classical phonetics, modern phonetics, and a set of exemplar applications (such as language teaching, pathological or clinical practice, and speech technology) and shows how they are of interest to other disciplines, such as sociolinguistics, cognitive neuroscience, and psychology. Themes and ideas explored include production-for-perception, or what sounds speakers plan and produce, how they are produced, and suggestions about why, all the while emphasizing the collaborating role of the listener; an emphasis on an integrated model of production and perception; attention to the biology underlying the production of sounds; attention to the cognitive system underlying the planning of utterances and what makes sounds uniquely speech sounds; and the relationship between phonology, or the cognitive intention to produce speech sounds, and phonetics, or the rendering of that intention as categories of sounds percievable to the listener.