ISBN 9788120333338,A Handbook Of Standarad English & Indian Usage

A Handbook Of Standarad English & Indian Usage





Prentice Hall Of India

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788120333338

ISBN-10 8120333330


Number of Pages 168 Pages
Language (English)


The usage of English in India differs?though not hugely?from that of ?Standard English?. It is such differences that constitute the subject matter of this book. This book deals with all aspects of the language?its vocabulary, grammar and idiom?except its pronunciation. The book is in two parts?Part I: Vocabulary and Part II: Grammar. In Part I, the book deals with ?Words Often Confused?, ?Indianism?, ?Indian coinages?, ?Idioms?, and ?Archaisms?. The Part II takes up those areas in which divergences from Standard English are very common: articles, prepositions, tenses, verb patterns, etc. The emphasis in Grammar is not so much on form as on usage. The comments on each divergent item include its Standard English equivalent (and sometimes its origin as well) together with the author?s opinion on whether the item should be retained at least within the country. The language of the book is simple and the style is friendly-informal. The collection is fairly large?any reader who makes use of this book will attain an expertise in English that is much closer to Standard English. With such contents and features, the book will be useful to a large cross-section of the educated population?students, English teachers, professionals and businessmen?as also the foreigners visiting India and young Indians aspiring to study abroad. Table of Contents Preface ? Abbreviations Used 1 Introduction PART ONE: VOCABULARY 2 Introduction to Part One: Vocabulary 3 Words Often Confused: Some Important Distinctions 4 Indianisms 5 Indian Coinages 6 Idioms, Idiomatic Expressions, Collocations 7 Archaisms, Style, Cultural Implications PART TWO: GRAMMAR 8 Introduction to Part Two: Grammar 9 Subject-Verb Agreement 10 Articles 11 Inversion 12 Prepositions 13 Question Tags 14 Structure Words 15 Tenses 16 Verb Patterns 17 Miscellaneous Bibliography ? Index