ISBN 9788122421279,A Handbook Of Statistical Graphics

A Handbook Of Statistical Graphics



New Age International

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788122421279

ISBN-10 812242127X


Number of Pages 122 Pages
Language (English)


This book, A Handbook of Statistical Graphics , while providing graphical techniques in an authoritative way, has the following distinctive features: It reviews the available literature, provides interactive presentation of the graphic tools, uses 3-D plots extensively, and highlights for each of the plots the variables along the axes to understand the details. It discusses new and lesser-known graphical techniques which can help in visualization of the reader's own data in an innovative way. The illustrations appearing with the explained graphical techniques make the reader easy to understand the procedures of drawing the graphs. Plots for display, analysis, distribution, etc., constitute the major highlights of this book. The data sets are based on real life situations to make learning easier. About The Author: Dr. Dibyojyoti Bhattacharjee is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Statistics, Gauhati University, Guwahati. He has to his credit around eight books in various areas of statistics and several research papers published in national and international journals. He has also developed a software, DJB Graphics, which is used for drawing statistical graphics and diagrams. Dr. Kishore K. Das is Reader in the Department of Statistics, Gauhati University. He has to his credit two books and a number of research papers published in national and international journals. He is one of the Managing Editors of the Journal of Empirical Research in Social Science.