ISBN 9781859724590,A Neo-Aristotelian Theory of Social Justice

A Neo-Aristotelian Theory of Social Justice



Ashgate Publishing Limited

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9781859724590

ISBN-10 1859724590


Number of Pages 206 Pages
Language (English)

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This text aims to develop an original account of social justice using neo-Aristotelian value theory. At the heart of the book is an account of the human good in which human interests are divided into three main categories: the basal interests; the eudaimonian interests; and the interests in subjectivity. Subsequently, distributive goods, which distributive principles are to apply to, are divided into three main spheres: the basal sphere; the eudaimonian sphere; and the sphere of subjectivity. While the overall orientation of the project is egalitarian, different distributive principles are applied in each of the three spheres, with the intention ultimately of realizing the egalitarian ideal. The main feature of the book is the development of a pluralist egalitarian theory of social justice using a distinctive account of the human good.