ISBN 9780330351058,A New World

A New World


Picador India



Picador India

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780330351058

ISBN-10 0330351052


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)

Indian Writing

Jayojit's marriage has failed, his wife of eleven years is now living with her doctor. A year of divorce courts and Jauojit, a semi-successful writer and economist, has finally retreived his son Bonny for his summer holidays. They are leaving their home in the American Midwest and going back to Calcutta, to his grandparents: the Admiral and his wife. A New World watches Jayojit and his son as they share the dark, close flat with his parents while the city outside is blanketed in fierce summer heat. The streets vibrate with the sound of car horns and the taped raagas of weeding celebrations as Jayojit tries to write and remembers his married life in America. Bonny plays with tired plastic dinosaurs under the furniture and the Admiral looks at his family quizzically, his wife filling the silence with solicitudes and indifferent cooking. Amit Chaudhuri delineates with breathtaking delicacy the details of married lives- of an elderly couple entrenched in the unquestioning roles of their past and of a modern marriage now sharply severed in two. A New World is Amit Chaudhuri's most haunting novel to date.