ISBN 9789380032832,A Pack of Lies

A Pack of Lies


Tranquebar Press



Tranquebar Press

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9789380032832

ISBN-10 9380032838


Number of Pages 260 Pages
Language (English)


Ginny slips through the cracks of her parents? divorce and grows up like a weed, undernourished in motherly love and over nourished in all the wrong ways, from sucking up attention wherever she can get it. Ginny is potent, addictive, and as delicious and nutritious as nicotine. Sometimes tragic and sometimes funny, but always sexy, Ginny falls in love as regularly as she smokes ganja, improvising her way through her times with honesty and compulsive joy, and very little morality of the conventional kind. This Pack of Lies is one woman?s raw and ruthless look at her own unlikely life in Bombay in the ?80s. She is, quite unintentionally, subtly disturbing in her look at divorce, incest, friendship, and sexuality. In ignoring the way things should be, she makes us question them. It is not Ginny who lies, but the world around her that refuses her candour, denies her truths, and turns away from her as the girl who cries wolf. Ginny is always uncompromising and brutally honest, at least with herself. In a life measured by touch and taste, there seems very little, after all, to lie about. This heartfelt novel feels uncomfortably like a memoir, but, as the title so forcefully declares, it?s all a pack of lies, and must be accepted as such.