ISBN 9780745328027,A People's History Of The Second World War

A People's History Of The Second World War


Pluto Press



Pluto Press

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780745328027

ISBN-10 0745328024


Number of Pages 256 Pages
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The Second World War is so thoroughly surrounded by myth that it is hard to grasp its real character. Gluckstein offers a new interpretation, portraying 1939-45 as two parallel wars: one waged by the Great Powers among themselves, the other by the peoples against fascism. Refreshingly avoiding a conventional narrative approach, he offers new insights that provide a powerful antidote to historical mythology. -- Alex Callinicos Rigorously structuring his analysis around the two central themes of popular resistance and inter-imperialist rivalry, Gluckstein makes an indispensable contribution to understanding the reality of the conflict in all its complexity. -- Neil Davidson, Senior Research Fellow, University of Strathclyde and author of Discovering the Scottish Revolution In this fascinating book, Gluckstein shows that while the rulers of the Allied powers cynically pursued their own imperial interests, the mass of their populations were fighting a very different war. Common soldiers, resistance fighters and civilians fought not only to defeat fascism, but also for a better world free from injustice and colonialism. Gluckstein combines an impressive grasp of the war's shifting complexities with the brilliance of a sweeping and penetrating political analysis. -- Andy Durgan, author of The Spanish Civil War (Palgrave 2007)