ISBN 9780240517063,A Professional Guide to Audio Plug-ins and Virtual Instruments

A Professional Guide to Audio Plug-ins and Virtual Instruments


Mike Collins


Focal Press



Focal Press

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780240517063

ISBN-10 0240517067


Number of Pages 656 Pages
Language (English)

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If you are an audio professional needing a complete reference to the complex world of plug-ins and virtual instruments, look no further. Mike Collins, author of Pro Tools for Music Production, has meticulously surveyed the scene, showing what's available and how they integrate into the various host platforms. The book explains the differences between TDM, RTS, MAS and VST plug-ins, how they can be used with different MIDI + Audio programs and shows the range of options available. It also explains virtual instruments and how these can be used as either plug-ins or stand alone products. A must for every recording studio.

The book combines explanations, overviews and key concepts with practical considerations and hands-on examples. The reader will gain a broad understanding of the options available, how they work and the possibilities for integration with systems as well as the end result. The book also includes a section on how to write your own plug-ins and a suggested standard plug-ins portfolio for those wanting to get started quickly.

*Enhance systems with this full-color reference to plug-ins and virtual instruments for the major MIDI + Audio systems
*Presents both the capabilities and limitations for professional use as well as practical considerations demonstrated through hands-on examples
*Details key issues on quality, RAM etc and includes a quick-start guide to a standard plug-ins set-up