ISBN 9789380349138,A Roller Coaster Ride

A Roller Coaster Ride


Srishti Books



Srishti Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380349138

ISBN-10 9380349130


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


A Roller Coaster Ride is quite detailed and narrates the various incidents of the protagonist's life in a crisp manner. The story is shown through the eyes of Maddy, a final year B.Tech student from IIT-Bombay, one of the most famous and prestigious institutes of technology in India. Maddy is quite different from his batchmates and seniors as he prefers chatting online with strange girls he meets through websites like Orkut and Yahoo, while staying away from boozing and hanging out with friends. A Roller Coaster Ride points out the problem that placements bring amongst teenagers as Maddy is placed in a reputed company after a long period of time. The detailed description of his office life, project plans, staff meetings, and client feedback are depicted throughout the story in a descriptive manner. Friendship and its importance is another topic that's been highlighted through Maddy and his roommates Satya, Harsh, Dhananjaya, and Kundan. The confusions in love and relationships, which are quite common amongst the youth, are portrayed using the characters Maddy, Pooja, and Divya. Pooja is an ordinary girl, and is loving and caring. It is shown that she is mainly attracted to Maddy because of his IIT tag, which she believes will financially safeguard her future. Everything flows smoothly until Maddy has to settle in Gurgaon for his job, and at this point, the two lovers are forced to part and continue their relationship over a longer distance. In his new workplace, he meets Divya, a south Indian girl who is quite overweight and average looking. She is very chirpy and bubbly and attracts the attention of the office crowd. She also happens to be Maddy's buddy for the first one month and the project leader at the workplace. From their very first meeting, Maddy is quite impressed with her intelligence and admires her. A debut novel by Saumil Shrivastava, A Roller Coaster Ride was recommended upon its release by Sanjeev Kotnala, Vice President, Dainik Bhaskar Group. He promoted the book as the first CAMOBS (Campus and First Job) novel which bridges the gap left by emerging IIT-IIM campus experience authors.

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