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ISBN 9788183281874

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Ganjifa are the handmade and hand-painted playing cards which have been around in India since medieval times, though recorded references date back to the times of Ramayana and Mahabharata as well. Ganjifa is also the game that gets played using these cards, though now, a rare and dying pastime. The art form retains its popularity and hasn't changed much since the time when Babur is said to have introduced it in his court. Though Persian in origin, the art of making Ganjifa cards took on several distinctively Hindu religious manifestations, most of which has come down to us in near-pristine form. The popularity of this game spread from the Mughal courts to the common people as more affordable materials such as wood, palm leaf and waste board got introduced in place of ivory and tortoise shell. Interestingly, the game, having imbibed regional flavours over the centuries, does not follow a standard rule book. Thanks to the untiring effort by a few patrons, the forgotten art form, along with the shrinking breed of artists, has found a fresh lease of life. About The Author Anjali Raghbeer, a London Business School alumnus, is a well-known scriptwriter and a much loved children?s author. An art lover to the core, she also conducts art appreciation workshops for youngsters. She lives in New Delhi with her husband and two daughters. Tejas Modak writes, illustrates, paints, makes comics, conceptualises for an animation company, freelances for design studios and publications, buys more books than he has room for, yaks endlessly about art, experiments with digital photography, lives in Pune and goes to sleep with an exhausted but contented smile on his face.