ISBN 9781444351422,A Short History Of The Modern Media

A Short History Of The Modern Media


Jim Cullen


Wiley Blackwell



Wiley Blackwell

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781444351422

ISBN-10 1444351427


Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)
Until now, there has not been a teachable history of mass media. Cullen's deftly distilled historiographies will please teachers and the wellchosen genre essays and case studies will inspire great classroom discussions.Andrew Haley, The University of Southern Mississippi With its informative overviews and rich document studies, A Short History of the Modern Media should prove an essential work for any course on the history and meaning of modern media.Louis P. Masur, Rutgers University An excellent introduction to the technologies, industries, cultural forms, and genres that constitute our media landscape. Cullen shows that the history of our media is in many ways the history of our sociality and our intimacies. Matthew Frye Jacobson, Yale University Product Description A Short History of the Modern Media presents a concise history of the major media of the last 150 years, including print, stage, film, radio, television, sound recording, and the Internet. Offers a compact, teaching-friendly presentation of the history of mass media Features a discussion of works in popular culture that are well-known and easily available Presents a history of modern media that is strongly interdisciplinary in nature