ISBN 9788179926055,A Spectrum of My People

A Spectrum of My People



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788179926055

ISBN-10 8179926052


Number of Pages 492 Pages
Language (English)


These short stories translated from the Telugu language tell of experiences of ordinary middle class people caught in the crevice between traditional and modern ways of life. Against a backdrop of feverish modernization and fast-paced globalization, these stories depict the crumbling social structure (rural and urban), and redefine the family and social values of the people of Andhra Pradesh – the middle class, farmers, streetwalkers and the lower strata of society. The thematic threads in these stories include changing values in the face of strenuous economic conditions; traditional courting and marriage mores; relationships within families under the pressure of increasing westernization, the woman’s role as mother, wife and worker; the man’s traditional role as provider; and the fear of death. The stories invite readers unfamiliar with the culture of Andhra Pradesh to appreciate its centuries-old traditions in the face of change.