ISBN 9780070146174,A Textbook Of Quantum Mechanics

A Textbook Of Quantum Mechanics



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070146174

ISBN-10 0070146179


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 448 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This book in its second edition extends its coverage to quantum phenomena which are currently of considerable interest, but were not known at the time of publication of the first edition. Despite being a high-end subject area, the contents are lucidly explained with the help of relevant examples, figures and tables. Salient Features New topical coverage on Integer Quantum Hall Effect Aharanov-Bohm effect Diamagnetism Path Integrals Radial wave functions for a Dirac particle in the Coulomb potential Excellent coverage on classical mechanics drawbacks, Schrodinger equation, matter wave dual nature, wave functions and wave mechanics, Eigenvalue problems, scattering theory, Heisenbergs? uncertainty principle, angular momentum and simple harmonic oscillator, and relativistic wave equations More than 100 solved and unsolved problems