ISBN 9788183222280,Ab Is Dil Se Kya Kahun

Ab Is Dil Se Kya Kahun



Manjul Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183222280

ISBN-10 8183222285


Number of Pages 162 Pages
Language (Hindi)


Ab Is Dil Se Kya Kahun NEW is a romantic Hindi novel spanning over two different life times. It revolves around the protagonist Anjali, who feels a strong attraction towards her new friend Shiva. As she starts to fall in love with him, Anjali suddenly realizes that this man is known to her from a previous birth. The protagonist finds it hard to comprehend that in her previous life, the two of them were lovers who had to go their separate ways. Ab Is Dil Se Kya Kahun NEW takes readers on a journey that shows Anjali's present life, and her previous one. This romantic novel tells a unique tale that captivates the interest of the readers. About Mridula Bajpayee Mridula Bajpayee is an Indian author and writes in Hindi. Some books written by her are Aur Intezaar Thak Gaya, and Jane Kitne Rang Palash Ke.