ISBN 9789351502920,Abnormal Psychology: Neuroscience Perspectives on Human Behavior and Experience

Abnormal Psychology: Neuroscience Perspectives on Human Behavior and Experience



Sage Publications India Pvt Ltd.

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789351502920

ISBN-10 9351502929


Number of Pages 680 Pages
Language (English)

Abnormal psychology

This fresh and innovative textbook aims at introducing readers to the rapidly evolving science of abnormal psychology by thoroughly integrating DSM-5.
This book offers up-to-date coverage of topics through a multilevel perspective ranging from culture to genetics. This approach helps students to move beyond simple nature/nurture standpoints to new ways of considering psychological disorders based on current interdisciplinary research.
Evolutionary, biological, neurological, psychological, social, sociocultural and political aspects are explored with an eye toward critical thinking and evaluation. The texts first-person narratives and case studies help readers understand better the experiences of a person with a psychological disorder while demonstrating the individuals ability to live a full and productive life.
Key Features
Thorough integration of the critical evaluation of the DSM-5
Text based on traditional psychological literature as well as current work in cognitive and affective neurosciences, epidemiology, ethology and genetics.
Integrated coverage of neuroscience and evidence-based, cutting-edge research.
Engaging and compassionate first-person narratives and case studies.
A global LENS feature in every chapter which raises important societal and cultural issues.
Introduction of National Institute of Mental Health Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) for understanding psychopathology.
Concept Checks throughout each chapter, end-of-chapter review questions and key terms to help master key concepts.
Rich and robust companion website with wealth of resources to aid teaching and learning.

About the Author

William (Bill) J. Ray (PhD, Vanderbilt University) is a professor of psychology, director of the SCAN (Specialization in Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience) Program and previous director of the Clinical Psychology Program at Pennsylvania State University. A former Fellow in Medical Psychology at the University of California Medical Center, San Francisco, Ray has worked in a number of mental care hospitals and clinics where he developed an appreciation of the experiences of those with mental disorders. Focusing on approaching clinical research questions from a neuroscience perspective, Ray has used psychophysiological and brain imaging techniques such as EEG, MEG, DTI and fMRI to study emotionality, psychopathology and individual differences. His work has been published in such influential journals as Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Physiological Reviews, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Cognitive Brain Research, Biological Psychology and Clinical Neurophysiology.
Table of contents :-
An Overview of Psychopathology
Changing Conceptualizations of Mental Illness
Neuroscience Approaches to Understanding Psychopathology
Research Methods
Classification and Assessment
Disorders of Childhood
Mood Disorders
Stress and Trauma
Anxiety Disorders
Dissociative Disorders and Somatic Symptom Disorders
Feeding and Eating Disorders
Sexuality Disorders and Gender Dysphoria
Substance-Related Disorders
Personality Disorder
Neurocognitive Dementia
Law and Mental Health