ISBN 9788184120332,Absorption And Stripping

Absorption And Stripping



Asian Books Private Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788184120332

ISBN-10 8184120338

Hard Back

Number of Pages 876 Pages
Language (English)

Mechanics of solids

The primary objective of the book is to help readers gain sufficient insight into twin unit operations-Absorption and Stripping-and their application to industries. Almost all major Chemical Process Industries (CPIs) and Petrochemical Industries (PCIs) are associated with these two unit operations which, very often than not, operate in tandem with distillation in many plants.

Starting from the very basics, the book has discussed, at length the necessary fundamentals and theoretical development of absorption and stripping, the mechanics of absorption and desorption, theoretical correlations to determine the efficiency of absorption & stripping, evaluation of number trays in trayed columns and estimation of packed bed height in packed towers. Nearly a hundred numerical examples will help the readers to get a good grip on the theories explained.