ISBN 9789381690352,ACC 1 Organizing Child Care Services

ACC 1 Organizing Child Care Services



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381690352

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ACC 1 Organizing Child Care Services CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Introduction To The Child Care And Development Unit1 The Experience of Childhood Unit2 Basic Concepts in Child Development Unit3 Principles of Development Unit4 Needs and Rights of Children Unit5 Importance of Play in Development Block 2 The Child: Development In The First Twelve Months Unit6 Prenatal Development and Care Unit7 Physical, Motor and Sensory Development Unit8 Cognitive Development: The Emergence of Thought Unit9 Language Development: Learning to Speak Unit10 SocioEmotional Development: The Early Relationships Unit11 Play Activities for Fostering Development Block 3 The Child: Development During Toddlerhood Unit12 Physical and Motor Development: Increase in Mobility and Control Unit13 Cognitive Development: Towards Mental Representation and Symbolic Thinking Unit14 Language Development: From Words to Sentences Unit15 SocioEmotional Development: Expanding Relationships and The Emerging Self Unit16 Play Activities to Foster Development Block 4 The Child: Development During Preschool Years Unit17 Developing Physical Strength and Motor Coordination Unit18 Developing Cognitive Abilities and Understanding Concepts Unit19 Enhancing Language Skills Unit20 Social Relationships and ChildRearing Block 5 Play Activities for Preschoolers1 Unit21 Play Activities for Movement and Mobility Unit22 Exploring the Environment Unit23 Play Activities for Developing Cognitive Abilities and Some Concepts Unit24 Furthering Language Block 6 Play Activities for Preschoolers2 Unit25 Fantasy, Story Telling and Dramatic Play Unit26 Art for Children Unit27 Rhythm: Music and Movement Unit28 Nurturing Creativity Block 7 Organizing a Child Care Centre Unit29 Child Care Services in India Unit30 Planning the Curriculum Unit31 Settingup and Running the Centre Unit32 Involving the Family and the Community Unit33 Evaluation QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2007 and more