ISBN 9788176564632,Access/Outlook 2000-An Introduction

Access/Outlook 2000-An Introduction


Bijal Lotia


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788176564632

ISBN-10 817656463X


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Healing Loss: Choose Love Now is about transcending heartbreak. It doesn't matter what seems to have broken your heart; there is one answer that heals all. You are not alone, and you are loved beyond measure. You are love itself. Our losses come not only in the form of death but from many events in our lives. Humanity's ascension from the Piscean into the Aquarian Age is a pivotal time in history, and the time is NOW. The transition (which has already begun) will be a period of widespread "loss" because the old must be released to make room for the new. Chief among the old concepts to be discarded is the idea of losing at all. Healing Loss ' "Touchstones for Healing Loss" places into grieving hands a framework of wisdom that puts grief in perspective. Healing Loss is a healing tool to assist the disheartened and those temporarily blinded by grief. A timely reminder to students of metaphysics, A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Science of Mind, and New Thought, it also introduces ACIM to the new student. Healing Loss outlines a true solution to the losses of life through positive, non-denominational, non-dualistic spiritual practices that foster joyful, loving being beyond the detour of grief and loss. Healing Loss includes: ~ 23 full-color plates of high-vibration spiritual art ~ worksheets to guide you through your healing process ~ referenced quotes from A Course in Miracles ~ crystal suggestions to support specific healing vibrations ~ simple methods for meditation The healing power of the "Touchstones for Healing Loss" is increased through experiencing the sacred artwork of Francene Hart and Daniel B. Holeman that opens every chapter. A crystal touc